Kr. 3.000 - 10.000




30-60 minutter


MOZAÍK has been working on her sound for years and has made a name for herself on the live stages, bringing dancers into her shows! MOZAÍK is a danish artist, singer and dancer from Denmark. Right now she is working on upbeat happy and energetic pop, but she also love good ballades with hooky melodies!
Linettes the artist behind the project has newly signed with GL Music with Warner as distributor.

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Mere om MOZAÍK

Pop music with catchy melodies and happy vibes.
The name MOZAÍK stems from her wanting to create her own patchwork and seek new boundaries and collaborations for music commercially, politically as well as artistically.

"The delicate piano keys instantly drew me towards this song and I am glad it did. MOZAÍK delivers here an uplifting piece of electro-pop music that's highly addictive".
"Her sweet and delicate vocals flow over groovy electronics and the infectious chorus got stuck to my head after the very first listen. This is a feel-good piece of electro-pop music perfect for the weekend!"

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