Bob Ferguson Songwriter


Kr. 3.500 - 6.500




up to 3 x 45 mins.


Bob Ferguson Songwriter is the former lead singer in Beggars Row Celtic band who toured Denmark at Festivals and various venues for 13 years. Bob is also lead singer in Celtic Horizon Band. Bob has performed solo for many years in Denmark and Europe performing Celtic Music and his own original songs. Bob also has a troubadour solo act. Bob roams around the stage and the audience while performing and all his concerts have a happy and fun theme to them.

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Bob has 3 solo acts in Denmark. Bob Trad - sings traditiona Scottish and Irish folk songs and sometimes his wown song. Bob Ferguson Songwriter is almost all his own songs written in a folk style and Bob Troubadour - sings Scots, Irish, country, 60s, 70s, pop, rock and original composions and parodies.


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