Jecko & Jessie

Jecko & Jessie


Kr. 6.000 - 30.000




500.000 guests has seen them in the CircusBuilding Copenhagen!!!
Unique!! Variety combined with stand up.
Aerial Act in Worldclass! With 18 years of experience, these guys can fit in anywhere for you!

Fodbold Galla 2010 VIP-dinner. Danish bicycle award 2011.
Novo Nordisk, Jysk, Danish Post, Nordea...more..and more...

The list of satisfied guests/costumers is loooong =)

These artists has the equipment, Knowledge and the Charisma to make any place to look like a Theater!

Thanks for taking your time reading.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Best Regards Jecko & Jessie!

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