Claudio Suriano

Claudio Suriano


Kr. 2.000 - 6.000




2 - 5 hours


Claudio Suriano is an experienced musician who blends jazz, pop, and classical music to create a unique and captivating sound with his soulful guitar playing. His repertoire includes jazz standards and more contemporary songs arranged for jazz guitar that are sure to delight audiences of all ages.

Claudio Suriano is a talented musician who has a passion for creating beautiful music that inspires and uplifts his listeners.

Graduated at the Conservatory of Music in "Matera" in Italy with a master in Jazz Guitar and with years of experience playing live, Claudio has honed his craft and developed a unique style that blends elements of jazz, pop, and classical music. Whether performing as a solo artist or as part of a band, Claudio's captivating and soulful guitar playing create an unforgettable musical experience. With a repertoire that includes both classics, jazz standard and contemporary songs arranged for jazz guitar , Claudio's music is sure to delight audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

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