Amber trio

Amber trio


Kr. 5.000 - 12.000



20 - 60min


Voice, Cello & Piano Trio

Extraordinary music by three exceptional musicians.
Lithuanian classical vocalist - Karolina, Spanish cellist Adriana and Lithuanian pianist Sandra share the stage and create unforgettable moments by expressing their art and musical ideas as an ensemble.
The beautiful tones of velvet mezzo-soprano, rich and powerful cello sound embraced by the elegant and virtuosic piano performance already conquered the hearts of the listeners.
Musicians started to play together in early autumn in 2020 and made a debut concert series in Copenhagen just before the pandemic crises.
“Amber trio”program is based on classical music masterpieces, chamber music songs, and famous opera arias such as Carmen and many others. However musicians enjoy playing not only classical music, but also temperamental Tango Nuevo. In their repertoire you also can find charming Spanish compositions, some famous Broadway songs and popular ballads.
As it is not an ordinary trio, some composers inspired by the performance decided to compose some music especially for voice, cello and piano combination.
Musicians creating an inspiring atmosphere by playing wonderful program not only in their personal concerts, but also in the private events.

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