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Fantastic Duo for All Kind of Events ! The last keyboard player from Bee Gees -Nelko and troubadour Boris !

Min gode ven og pianist Nelko har en lang :) musik karriere :

Nelko Kolarov - composer, conductor, pianist.

Born July 19, 1959.

His older brother Professor. Milko Kolarov is a famous composer, conductor and music educator.

Graduated High School of Music,, Dobri Hristov '' - Varna in 1978

In the period 1980-1985 he was a student in the Bulgarian State Conservatory, where he graduated with honors in orchestra conducting class of prof.Konstantin Iliev.

0 t 1981 to 1985 playing in a rock band,, Momentum ''. In this period creates his first songs, known of which are: Autumn birds,, '',, Sun '' and,, If you're going for a moment. ''

From 1985 to 1990 he was a conductor in the Varna Philharmonic Orchestra. Conduct and performances in the Opera House. These are one-act opera Gianni Schicchi,, '' Puccini, ballet,, Love magic '' of Manuel de Falla and the musical,, Wizard of Oz Harold Arlen to be submitted three years aims at success.

During the same period, the conductor and the orchestra of the Music School in Varna and artistic director of the youth opera.

In the period 1990 - 1994 worked as a pianist in Scandinavia group,, Escort ''.

In 1995 played with singer Assen Georgiev first modern Bulgarian piano bar in the resort Golden Sands,, '', which to this day is a role model for entertainment with live music and a small format of the participants in the composition.

At the end of 1998, was invited by guitarist and composer Niccolo Kotzev conductor of the Symphony Orchestra at the recording of rock opera Nostradamus,, '' / author Niccolo Kotzev /. This rock opera, which includes world-famous rock singers / Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes, Alannah Myles, Jorn Lande and others. / Was issued in 2001 by the largest independent European publishing group for rock music SPV / STEAMHAMMER - Germany and is distributed with success worldwide.

In 2000 creates with a friend own piano bar in Varna, called,, Royal Classic '', which successfully exists today and own music studio.

In 2004 he was invited as a pianist in the orchestra megastar Robin Gibb of,, Bee Gees '', where he is sega.Sledvat hundreds of concerts and appearances in music festivals around the world - North and Latin America, Europe and Aziya.Ot this period have been issued: CD / DVD release ,, Robin Gibb Live with the Neue Philarmonie Frankfurt Orchestra '' / 2004 /, double CD release ,, Robin Gibb Magnet Tour '' / 2005 /, DVD ,, Art On Ice '' / 2007 / and DVD ,, Live from Ledreborg Castle '' / 2009 /.

In 2004 participated in the recording of keyboards fifth album,, My Resurrection '' / 2005 / group,, Brazen Abbot '', created by Nicolo Kotzev. Since then Nelko Kolarov is a member of,, Brazen Abbot ''. With great success passed concert band festival,, Berkrock '' in Berkovitsa / 2007 /, released on DVD next year, and the participation of one of the most prestigious festivals of rock music in Germany - ,, Magic Circle Festival '' / 2008 /.

In 2007 creates a rock band,, FOBOS ''.

Author of music for three musical set in Gabrovo Variety Theater:
-,, Most wonderful miracle '' Stefan Tzanev /1991god./
-,, Romantics '' in Rost / 1992 /
-,, Hey, poltergeist, say '' Rada Abrasheva and Camellia Kondova. /1993god./

Author of music to theater in Varna Puppet Theatre:
- Tales,, in order ''
-,, The New Adventures of Boubou ''
-,, Star of Bethlehem ''
-,, Little Christmas Tale ''
-,, The Princess on the Pea ''
-,, Thumbelina ''

Author of music to theater in Varna Theatre:
- Tale of hats,, ''
- Snow White,, ''

Author of over 40 songs and over 200 arrangement.

Author of music for all TV signals Varna.

-,, Day of Wrath '' - 1998 / progressive rock /
- Midnight concert,, '' - 2001 / pop songs performed by various artists such as Orlin Goranov, Vasil Naydenov, Toni Dimitrova, Todor Kolev and others. /
- Enchanted Canvases,, '' - 2010 / instrumental album built on themes and characters from the Bulgarian mythology. /

- Competition,, SONG VARNA '' - 1996 - Grand Prix for the song,, Return ''
/ Executive .: Vasil Naidenov /
- Festival,, Golden Orpheus '' - 1997 - Second prize for the song,, like a dream ''
/ Executive .: Asen Georgiev /
- Award,, VARNA '' for the overall activity of the artist-musician in 2010.

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